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Loading woodchips at the Albany PortAlbany Plantation Export Company is an exporting agri-business located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. APEC manages harvesting and processing of Blue Gum plantations to supply high quality woodchips for the Asian paper pulp market. APEC also processes timber for other local tree plantation companies.

From their base in Albany, Western Australia, APEC is leading the way in the production of quality woodchips for the international paper market.

The world consumes paper in many forms and grades. Woodchips are made into cardboard, toilet tissue, newsprint and many grades of paper. The tree globulus eucalyptus produces a high quality woodchip that can be used for blending with lower grade raw materials or processed pure to produce a high quality paper product.

The paper / woodchip industry is a growing market. Worldwide some 360 million tonnes of paper is consumed annually. The USA (83m) China (50m) and Japan (35m) are the world's largest consumers of paper, consuming an average of 56kg of paper per person, per year. Research is indicating that China and other developing countries are increasing their paper consumption. APEC and OJIs present sales are into Japan with a plan to expand into the rapidly growing Chinese paper market.

To this aim, APEC has developed a capital intensive business that produces a low priced commodity with a long term marketing commitment with Itochu Corporation, who is a trading partner of OJI Paper Company who are both parent companies of APEC.